Dirty Hippo FAQ's


What does a "Community Driven" brand mean?

Dirty Hippo is a “Community Driven” brand. This means that the brand and all it’s products and services are the direct result of your unrestricted feedback and guidance. We want you to tell us what you like, don’t like, would like to see or not see. Dirty Hippo is formed directly from your input. You have the opportunity to create what you like and change what you don’t like.

How can I contribute to the brand?

We have created various channels through which we would like to hear from you. Our website has various areas created for the exclusively purpose to connect to us, like the ‘Submit a Design’ (http://dirtyhippo.com/submit) form, ‘Contact Us’ (http://dirtyhippo.com/Contact-Us) form and the ‘Voting’ (http://dirtyhippo.com/Vote) page.

You can also contribute via our Facebook page (http://facebook.com/dirtyhippoclothing), Twitter account (@_DirtyHippo) for a faster, almost real-time channel and let us know your favourites via Instragram (@_DirtyHippo). Naturally these channels will also keep you informed of what is happening and what other people think and feel.

You could also reach us directly, or privately, by sending an email to hello@dirtyhippo.com.

We also use these channels to ask for your votes and opinions before we launch new products.

I am a designer and would like to design for you. Do you have any jobs available?

We are always looking for excellent and dynamic designers who are not “boxed” by conformity. All our designs are sourced from freelance designers.

Once we receive a new design we ask our community to give us feedback on the design by posting it to our various two-way channels (our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). The feedback is used to refine the design and top-voted designs are then purchased and produced. Depending on the design, feedback and practicality factors, this process could range anything between a few weeks to several months.


What guarantee do you offer on your products?

We offer a painless process to exchange faulty products.

Due to the nature of our products, items you wish to exchange should remain unwashed and never worn.

Defective used or washed products are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Are your sizes big or small?

Please review the product detail for size information. Our products come in different cuts and each cut will have a different fit. The product detail refers to the relevant sizing chart for exact size information, but also indicate if the size is generally perceived big or small.

I do not like my shirts too tight, will I like the fit?

Please refer to the product description for the cut detail. A “fitted cut” is meant to fit tightly around the body’s contour; to create a “body-hugging” effect. The “slim fit” is designed as not too loose, yet not tight. “Regular” indicates a wider, loose fitting shirt.

A fitted cut, one size up, will provide a comfortable fit for a person preferring a looser fitting shirt, while not looking oversized.

Can you notify me of new products?

Absolutely! If you wish to be notified of new products, product development, voting opportunities, projects, etc. you can join any of our two-way channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instragram) or subscribe to our newsletter on the bottom of this website.

Are your products only available online?

No. We have various stockist country wide.

Are your products only available in South Africa?

We also have stockists in Namibia.

Online orders can be shipped worldwide. Please contact us for international shipping charges.


How do I track the progress of my order?

Once we have received full payment for your order we will compile the parcel and notify the courier company of the collection. The courier company immediately provides us with a tracking number which we promptly add to your order. Our order management system will send you an email with any changes made to your order, including status changes (e.g. when order is flagged as completed).

Why haven’t I received any communication from you regarding my order?

Please make contact with us if you have not receive any communication from us within 16 working hours from successfully submitting your order.

You do not have the product I want in stock, can I still order it?

Unfortunately not, we do not process “backorders”.

You are welcome to contact us with your requirements and we will keep you updated on our re-stocking process.

What if I do not like the product that I have purchased?

We will gladly exchange items that are unwashed and never worn.

Please refer to our exchange policy for the exchange process and charges.


How secure is your online payments?

DirtyHippo.com does not process your payment transaction directly. To facilitate the payment, we will automatically direct you to SagePay.co.za. Sage Pay is an extremely secure, online payment gateway who handles your information with the utmost security and protection.

More information on SagePay.co.za

What payment methods do you provide?

We can process VISA, Master Card credit card and EFT payments directly and online.

Please contact us if you wish to use any other method of payment.

Can I pay with EFT?

Yes, SagePay offers an EFT payment option. 


How long does delivery take?

Deliveries within the borders of Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town are normally delivered the following business day. All other areas are can be expected within two to three business days.

How much does shipping cost?

Orders in excess of R500.00 qualify for free nationwide delivery.

Deliveries within the borders of Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town are R45.00 while all other areas are R70.00.

Who do you use for deliveries?

We make use of The Courier Guy. The Courier Guy may make use of subcontractors to reach certain geographical areas.

Can we collect our order from  your premises?

We, unfortunately, do not offer a collect option.

Can you send my order via SA Post Office?

SA Post Office services are currently way too unreliable and we have suspended this option until further notice.


I have encountered a problem on your website. How do I let you know?

We take our website and online channels extremely serious and strive to provide an easy, intuitive and stable, fault-free service. If you experience any problems, difficulty or disappointment using any of our online channels, please let us know immediately.

Should our website’s online Contact Us form give you any hassle, please send us an email to hello@dirtyhippo.com.

I have noticed information on your website that seems incorrect. Can you confirm?

We are committed to build an honest and transparent brand. If you suspect that we are providing incorrect or inaccurate information about any of our products, services, offerings, specials or any information, please let us know as soon as possible. Though we are totally awesome people, we are human after all.

I have submitted a question using your Contact Us form and have not received any feedback. Why not?

While we monitor our email inboxes every day, the entire day, email is unfortunately somewhat susceptible to fail every now and then. If you have not received any feedback from us within two business days, please re-submit your detail or send your communication to hello@dirtyhippo.com.


We love your products and would love to sell them through our shop. Do you have a reseller offering?

Yes, we are constantly looking for more distribution points.

Please complete our Reseller Application form or send an inquiry to reseller@dirtyhippo.com.

How do I become a Dirty Hippo reseller?

Please complete our Reseller Application form (http://dirtyhippo.com/reseller).

New applications are validated, considered and processed within five business days.

Once you have received your account detail you qualify for a reseller's discount.

How do I place my Reseller order?

Resellers receive a reseller account (username and password). This account allows the reseller to order and pay via the Reseller Portal on our website.

The terms, conditions and process is explained as part of the registration process.

Can we exchange slow moving stock for newer or different stock items?

Absolutely. It is in both your and our best interest that the products you stock are well received by the  market. If any of our products are not performing satisfactory, we will gladly exchange for better performing and/or newer products. The terms and conditions of such exchange is stipulated during the registration process.

We are not really equipped to display clothing items, can we still stock your products?

We provide from simple to complex shelving and display solutions tied into performance targets.

Please contact us for various presentation options.

We would love to stock your products, but do not know which to order. Can you assist us in selected the most popular items?

Yes, of course. We will assist you in compiling the best product set for your budget.

We also offer a few standard packages which already include our best performing products.

What is the minimum requirements to become a reseller?

Most importantly, resellers must proof their retail presence and provide information regarding their footprint and reach.

Though we do not have an expected minimum sales volume, orders must exceed 30 items per order.

Can we obtain exclusive distribution rights for a certain geographical area?

Exclusivity rights can be negotiated based on agreed sales targets.

How long will an order take to be delivered?

Order fulfillment duration is directly dependent on the size of the order. Small orders may be fulfilled within three business days. Very large orders has to be manufactured to order and could take as much as three weeks to complete.