Dirty Hippo Vote & Discuss

Vote and Discuss

Here designers can submit designs, "idea'nists" can submit ideas and "opinion'ists" can submit opinions.

This is where you take the steering-wheel.

You are the biggest creative force behind Dirty Hippo.

We would like to get ideas from you, what you like, what don't you like and what you would like to see more of.

This section is created to give you a platform, a voice, a channel for your design ideas, concepts, opinions and interests.

Important Note: We realise that design is a very personal thing. Each person will like something different and we have no right to judge a person for their taste. We are, however, entitled to say what we like or do not like. Your taste is a subjective opinion and just as you have the right to like or dislike, so does everybody else.

So share, be creative, be encouraging and lets build a brand we can be proud of.


For Designers: We will not use any of your submitted material without your consent. All designs and ideas submitted must be made available so that Dirty Hippo (Pty.) Ltd. may negotiate the exclusive use and ownership. Any material submitted may only be done so by the party who has the full legal right to do so; no plagiarism or copyright infringements will be tolerated and will be reported to the relevant authorities. 

Keep a look out for new & exciting designs